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Games Workshop 99120102075″ Death Guard Plagueburst Crawler Miniature


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Product Description

Plagueburst Crawlers are lumbering, formidable siege tanks whose huge ram-blades, thick armour plating and daemonic energies supply them with improbable resilience. Their fearsome plagueburst mortars boast a parabolic fire arc and terrifying vary, whilst the shells they fire combine top-radius explosives with lethal clouds of corrosive spores to inflict damage comparable to that of Imperial Demolisher cannon. The rest of the Crawler’s weaponry is meant to slaughter the foe up close, spraying diseased slime and hails of important shells at any who method. This multi-part plastic kit Accommodates the components essential to collect a Plagueburst Crawler. A particularly front-heavy tracked dozer brimming with horrible weaponry, it’s covered in thick armour pitted and rusting with corrosion and rot. A standout feature is the massive, spiked dozer blade, with a logo of Nurgle proudly displayed, picked out in skulls. It bears 2 plaguespitters on the sponsons, which you’ll replace with the 2 included entropy cannon, and the heavy slugger on the front-centre can also be replaced with a rothail volley gun – each and every option is similarly potent, however the biggest worry to the enemy is without a doubt the plagueburst mortar, whose concentrated on mechanisms and large barrel dominate the rear of the vehicle. This kit comes as 71 components. This kit is provided unassembled and unpainted – we advise Citadel paints and glue to finish this kit.

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1x Miniature

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